This Tiny PC Case Will Leave You In Awe

This Tiny PC Case Will Leave You In Awe

The ForFun02 PRO is a remarkable mini ITX case that has been gaining attention in the PC building community for its unique design and impressive features. This compact case, designed by Chinese KOL XiKii, offers a stunning aesthetic and innovative functionality that sets it apart from other options on the market .

Design and Construction

One of the standout features of the ForFun02 PRO is its full CNC-machined aluminum construction, which not only provides excellent durability but also contributes to its sleek and premium appearance . The case is designed as a sandwich-style layout, with the graphics card placed next to the side panel. A shroud fits neatly over the graphics card, perfectly accommodating its cooler and allowing for a seamless view of the components.

The ForFun02 PRO’s design is specifically tailored for certain components, requiring the exact motherboard and GPU as specified by the manufacturer. This means that other components may not fit due to the custom IO holes in the rear of the case . While this may limit some customization options, it ensures a perfect fit for the designated components and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the build.

Installation and Assembly

Assembling a system in the ForFun02 PRO can be a bit challenging due to its unique design. The case requires careful consideration during installation to ensure all components fit properly and are securely mounted. However, enthusiasts who enjoy the process of building PCs will appreciate the intricacy and attention to detail required for this case.

Compatibility and Cooling

The ForFun02 PRO is designed to accommodate specific motherboard and GPU combinations, which may limit compatibility with other components. It is crucial to check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your desired hardware . However, for those who are able to use the designated components, the case offers excellent cooling capabilities.

The case features a well-designed airflow system that allows for efficient cooling. The placement of the graphics card next to the side panel, along with the shroud, ensures proper ventilation and heat dissipation. Additionally, the ForFun02 PRO provides ample space for installing fans and radiators, allowing users to customize their cooling setup according to their needs.

Availability and Purchase

The ForFun02 PRO is primarily available in China, making it more challenging for international buyers to acquire. However, there are services available that can assist with purchasing and shipping the case overseas. Despite the limited availability, the unique design and features of the ForFun02 PRO have attracted a dedicated following within the PC building community.


The ForFun02 PRO is a mini ITX case that stands out for its stunning design and innovative features. With its full CNC-machined aluminum construction, unique layout, and efficient cooling capabilities, it offers a premium and aesthetically pleasing option for PC enthusiasts. While it may require careful consideration during installation and have limited compatibility with specific components, the ForFun02 PRO has captured the attention of those seeking a distinctive and high-quality PC building experience.

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