Homewood Witches Ride

Homewood Witches Ride

In the heart of Homewood, a quaint town nestled amidst rolling hills and serene landscapes, a unique and enchanting tradition has taken root—The Homewood Witches’ Ride. While the name might evoke images of broomsticks and pointed hats, this event is a celebration that transcends mere Halloween costume parades. It’s a captivating fusion of whimsy, creativity, and community spirit that has captivated both locals and visitors alike.

This annual event, now in its eleventh year, was the brainchild of a few imaginative souls eager to infuse the autumn air with a touch of magic. What began as a small gathering of friends sharing their love for the mystical and fantastical has since blossomed into a much-anticipated affair that draws participants from neighboring towns and beyond.

The concept is simple yet beguiling: participants dress in their most dazzling witch attire—some in flowing robes, others bedecked in elaborate hats adorned with feathers and ribbons—adorned with vibrant hues and sparkling accessories. However, the most enchanting aspect is the mode of transportation: bicycles.

Yes, you read that right—bicycles. The witches of Homewood take to the streets not on broomsticks, but on a whimsically decorated fleet of bikes. Each bike becomes a canvas for self-expression, with intricate designs, colorful streamers, and twinkling lights adorning spokes and handlebars. The result is a rolling coven, a spectacle of creativity that winds its way through the town’s picturesque lanes.

The day of the ride is filled with anticipation and excitement. Participants gather in a central location, exchanging laughter and admiring each other’s inventive ensembles. There’s an undeniable sense of camaraderie—a shared joy in celebrating imagination and the coming together of kindred spirits.

Set off magical journey

As the clock ticks closer to the witching hour—metaphorically speaking—the witches mount their bikes and set off on their magical journey. Spectators line the streets, their faces a mix of wonder and delight, as the procession weaves its way through Homewood. Children wave enthusiastically, their eyes wide with wonder, as the witches toss candy and spread laughter along their path.

The ride isn’t merely about spectacle; it’s a celebration with a purpose. Over the years, the Homewood Witches’ Ride has partnered with local charities, using this whimsical event as an opportunity to give back to the community. Participants raise funds and awareness for various causes, casting a different kind of spell—one that brings tangible support to those in need.

For many, the Homewood Witches’ Ride represents more than just an event—it’s a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the power of coming together to make a positive impact. It’s a reminder that magic exists not just in spells and potions but in the simple act of spreading joy and kindness.

In a world often fraught with haste and routine, the Homewood Witches’ Ride stands as a testament to the importance of embracing the fanciful, fostering community bonds, and making a difference, one pedal at a time.


As the sun sets on another enchanting ride through the streets of Homewood, the witches disperse, their laughter lingering in the autumn breeze. The magic they’ve woven lingers, leaving an indelible mark on the town—a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary enchantments are born from the simplest of gestures and the purest of intentions.


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