Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers:

Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers:

Late-night television has become a popular platform for political commentary and satire. One of the most notable hosts in this genre is Seth Meyers, who has gained a reputation for his sharp criticism of the Trump administration and its supporters. In particular, Meyers has taken aim at what he calls “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos,” a group of individuals who have been associated with former President Donald Trump in some way, whether through their work in his administration or their support of his policies. This article will explore the phenomenon of “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers” and its significance in American politics.

The Rise of “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers”

The term “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers” refers to the satirical sketches and monologues that Seth Meyers, the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, has been presenting on his show. The sketches are centered around former President Donald Trump and his administration, and they have been a hit with audiences who are looking for a humorous take on American politics.

Meyers’ sketches often focus on individuals who are associated with Trump in some way but are not necessarily part of his inner circle. These “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos” include people like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has been a vocal supporter of Trump and has promoted baseless claims of election fraud. In one sketch, Meyers enjoyed seeing Lindell get word on camera that a defamation suit against him over his claims of election fraud would proceed [1].

Another example of a “bad Trump-adjacent weirdo” is Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, who has been at the center of controversy over his role in promoting baseless claims of election fraud. Meyers has taken aim at Giuliani in several sketches, including one in which he mocked Giuliani’s appearance and behavior during a press conference [2].

The Significance of “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers”

The popularity of “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers” reflects a broader trend in American politics. As the country becomes more polarized, people are turning to satire and comedy as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety of the political climate.

Meyers’ sketches also serve an important function in holding those in power accountable. By shining a light on the actions of “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos,” Meyers is helping to expose the corruption and incompetence that has characterized the Trump administration.

However, some critics argue that Meyers’ sketches are too one-sided and fail to offer a balanced perspective on American politics. They argue that by focusing solely on Trump and his supporters, Meyers is contributing to the polarization of American society.

The Future of “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers”

As the Biden administration takes office, it remains to be seen whether “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers” will continue to be a popular feature of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Some observers believe that Meyers will shift his focus to the new administration and its policies, while others predict that he will continue to take aim at those who were associated with Trump.

Regardless of what the future holds, it is clear that “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers” has had a significant impact on American politics. By using satire and humor to expose the flaws and shortcomings of those in power, Meyers is helping to keep American democracy healthy and vibrant.


“Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights Meyers” is a term that has become synonymous with political satire and commentary. Through his sketches and monologues, Seth Meyers has taken aim at those who were associated with the Trump administration, exposing their corruption and incompetence to a wider audience. While some critics argue that Meyers’ sketches are too one-sided, there is no denying that they have had a significant impact on American politics. As the country moves forward, it will be interesting to see how Meyers’ satire evolves and adapts to the changing political landscape.

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