Ahana Raises $20M for Presto Database Amid Cloud Analytics Boom

Ahana, a San Mateo-based provider of cloud data lake services, has recently secured $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Third Point Ventures [1]. This funding will enable Ahana to expand its platform and further its vision of providing flexible and performant open data lake analytics with Presto [4]. The company aims to transform open data lake analytics and capitalize on the growing demand for cloud analytics solutions [2]. With this investment, Ahana’s total funds raised now amount to $24.8 million [3].

Expanding the Platform

Ahana’s recent funding round will allow the company to enhance its platform and meet the increasing demand for cloud data lake services. The investment will be used to accelerate the development of Ahana’s cloud-based data query tool and expand its team [1]. By leveraging Presto, an open-source distributed SQL query engine, Ahana enables organizations to analyze and query data directly from their data lakes, without the need for complex data movement or transformation [4].

Presto is gaining popularity in the industry due to its ability to handle large-scale data processing and analytics tasks efficiently. It offers high performance and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for organizations dealing with massive amounts of data [4]. Ahana’s focus on providing a seamless experience for users by simplifying data access and analysis aligns with the growing demand for cloud analytics solutions [2].

Meeting the Demand for Cloud Analytics

The demand for cloud analytics solutions has been steadily increasing as organizations recognize the benefits of leveraging the cloud for their data analysis needs. Cloud-based analytics offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use, allowing businesses to derive valuable insights from their data quickly [2].

Ahana’s platform addresses the challenges faced by organizations when working with data lakes, such as data silos and complex data integration processes. By providing a unified interface for querying and analyzing data across different data sources, Ahana simplifies the data analytics workflow and enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data lakes [4].

Industry Trends and Opportunities

Open data lake analytics is emerging as a significant trend in the industry, driven by the success of hyperscaler companies like Facebook and Uber [4]. These companies have demonstrated the power of leveraging data lakes for advanced analytics and have set the stage for the adoption of open data lake analytics solutions.

Ahana’s focus on Presto positions it well to capitalize on this trend. Presto has gained traction among organizations looking to perform ad-hoc analytics on large datasets stored in data lakes. Its ability to handle diverse data sources and perform complex queries makes it a valuable tool for data analysts and data scientists [4].

The $20 million funding round led by Third Point Ventures signifies the confidence investors have in Ahana’s vision and its potential to disrupt the cloud analytics market. The investment will enable Ahana to further develop its platform, expand its customer base, and solidify its position as a leading provider of cloud data lake services [1].


Ahana’s recent $20 million funding round led by Third Point Ventures will fuel the expansion of its platform and accelerate the development of its cloud-based data query tool. By leveraging Presto, Ahana aims to transform open data lake analytics and meet the growing demand for cloud analytics solutions. With the increasing popularity of open data lake analytics and the advantages offered by cloud-based analytics, Ahana is well-positioned to capitalize on industry trends and provide organizations with a seamless and efficient way to analyze their data.


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