Taylor Tomlinson: Bringing Laughter to Minneapolis

Taylor Tomlinson: Bringing Laughter to Minneapolis

Taylor Tomlinson, a talented comedian, author, and Netflix star, is set to grace the stage in Minneapolis with her hilarious and relatable comedy. Known for her tight joke writing and carefully honed act-outs, Tomlinson has gained recognition for her witty and insightful performances. With her second hour-long special, “Look At You,” now streaming on Netflix, she has solidified her place as one of the rising stars in the comedy world. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Taylor Tomlinson’s upcoming shows in Minneapolis, exploring her career, perspective, and the impact she has made on the comedy scene.


1. Taylor Tomlinson: Deal With It Tour

Taylor Tomlinson will be performing at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis on September 16 and 17, 2021, as part of her “Deal With It Tour”. This tour showcases Tomlinson’s unique comedic style, which combines sharp observations with self-deprecating humor. Her ability to tackle sensitive topics with grace and wit has earned her a dedicated fan base. Tickets for the show range from $29.75 to $39.75 and include a Meet & Greet opportunity with the comedian. This intimate experience allows fans to connect with Tomlinson on a more personal level and gain insight into her creative process.

2. A Night of Laughter at the Orpheum Theatre

On January 18-20, 2023, Taylor Tomlinson will be taking the stage at the prestigious Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. This iconic venue has hosted numerous renowned performers and is known for its exceptional acoustics and grandeur. Tomlinson’s performance at the Orpheum Theatre promises to be a night filled with laughter and entertainment. Her relatable anecdotes and sharp comedic timing will leave the audience in stitches. The show is a testament to Tomlinson’s rising popularity and her ability to captivate audiences with her unique brand of humor.

3. Taylor Tomlinson’s Gig Timeline

Taylor Tomlinson’s performance at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis is just one stop on her extensive tour schedule. According to her gig timeline, she has performed at various venues across the United States, including the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This demonstrates Tomlinson’s commitment to connecting with audiences from different regions and her dedication to honing her craft. Her ability to consistently deliver side-splitting performances has earned her a reputation as one of the most promising comedians of her generation.

4. The Have It All Tour

As part of her “The Have It All Tour,” Taylor Tomlinson will be performing at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis on January 20, 2023. This tour showcases Tomlinson’s growth as a comedian and her ability to tackle a wide range of topics with humor and authenticity. Her relatable material resonates with audiences of all ages, making her shows a must-see event for comedy enthusiasts. Tickets for the show can be purchased through Ticketmaster, the leading source for event tickets. Attending Tomlinson’s performance promises an evening of laughter and entertainment that will leave the audience wanting more.


Taylor Tomlinson’s upcoming shows in Minneapolis are highly anticipated events that will undoubtedly bring laughter and joy to audiences. With her sharp wit, relatable material, and unique comedic style, Tomlinson has established herself as a rising star in the comedy world. Her performances at the Pantages Theatre and the Orpheum Theatre are not to be missed, offering an opportunity to witness her comedic genius firsthand. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to her work, Taylor Tomlinson’s shows in Minneapolis are sure to leave you in stitches and wanting more.


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