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The popular mobile app Discord has recently made waves in the tech scene with news of an investment round that pushed its valuation to a staggering 10 billion dollars [1]. Discord, an increasingly popular communication platform for gamers and other users worldwide, has caught the attention of investors and potential buyers alike [3]. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding the sources that have reported on Discord’s 10b Takahashiventurebeat, exploring its significance and the potential implications for the company.

Exploring a Sale: Discord’s Valuation and Negotiations

According to sources, Discord is currently exploring a sale that could value the company at over 10 billion dollars [2]. The negotiations are said to be in the final stages, indicating that a deal may be imminent [2]. This news has sparked speculation about potential buyers and the impact such a sale would have on Discord’s future.

Discord’s valuation of 10 billion dollars is a testament to its growing popularity and success in the communication space [1]. The platform, known for its voice and text communication services, has gained a strong following among gamers and other communities [3]. Its user-friendly interface and robust features have made it a go-to choice for individuals seeking seamless communication experiences.

The Role of Takahashi Ventures

Takahashi Ventures, the company behind Discord, has played a significant role in its growth and success [3]. The recent 10b Takahashiventurebeat investment round led by Takahashi Ventures has further solidified Discord’s position in the market [1]. This venture capital fund aims to invest in promising new companies, and its involvement with Discord highlights the platform’s potential for future expansion and innovation [3].

The partnership between Discord and Takahashi Ventures has not only provided financial support but also strategic guidance. Discord’s ability to attract such high-profile investors speaks to its potential for continued growth and market dominance [3].

Potential Acquisition by Microsoft

One of the notable rumors surrounding Discord’s 10b Takahashiventurebeat is the potential acquisition by Microsoft [4]. Sources close to the matter have revealed that Discord is in talks with Microsoft regarding a possible acquisition [4]. If the deal goes through, it could be a significant move for both companies.

For Microsoft, acquiring Discord would provide access to a large and engaged user base, particularly in the gaming community [4]. Discord’s integration with Xbox, Microsoft’s gaming platform, could create a seamless communication experience for gamers worldwide. Additionally, Discord’s robust features and technology could enhance Microsoft’s existing communication services.

For Discord, joining forces with Microsoft could provide the necessary resources and support for further expansion and innovation [4]. Microsoft’s global reach and vast infrastructure could help Discord scale its operations and reach new markets.


Discord’s 10b Takahashiventurebeat has generated significant interest in the tech industry. The platform’s valuation and exploration of a potential sale have sparked speculation about its future direction. With Takahashi Ventures leading the investment round and Microsoft potentially considering an acquisition, Discord’s growth trajectory seems promising.

As Discord continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it will be interesting to see how it navigates these opportunities. Whether it remains independent or joins forces with a larger entity, Discord’s impact on the communication landscape is undeniable.

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