Sources Discord 10b Takahashiventurebeat: A Surprising

The popular mobile app Discord has recently made waves in the tech scene with news of an investment round that has pushed its valuation to a staggering 10 billion dollars. According to sources close to the matter, the investment was led by Takahashi Ventures, a venture capital fund that seeks to invest in promising new companies [1]. This unexpected development has sparked speculation and excitement within the industry, as Discord continues to gain traction as a communication platform for gamers and other users worldwide [3]. In this article, we will delve into the details of this investment round and explore the potential implications for Discord and its future prospects.

The Investment Round and Valuation:

Discord’s recent investment round, led by Takahashi Ventures, has raised eyebrows due to its significant valuation of 10 billion dollars [1]. This valuation places Discord among the ranks of highly valued tech companies, signaling its growing prominence in the market. The funds raised in this round will undoubtedly provide Discord with ample resources to further expand its platform and enhance user experience.

Exploring a Sale:

In addition to the investment round, sources suggest that Discord is also exploring a potential sale that could further increase its valuation. Negotiations are reportedly in the final stages, with one source indicating a valuation of over 10 billion dollars [2]. This news has fueled speculation about potential buyers, with Microsoft being one of the companies mentioned as a potential acquirer [4]. If a sale were to materialize, it would mark a significant milestone for Discord and potentially open up new opportunities for growth and development.

Potential Implications:

The investment round and potential sale have raised questions about Discord’s future direction and the impact on its user base. Some industry experts believe that the influx of funds from the investment round could lead to further improvements in Discord’s features and functionality, ultimately benefiting its users [3]. However, concerns have also been raised about the potential impact of a sale on Discord’s independence and the user experience. If acquired by a larger company, there is a possibility that Discord’s unique identity and community-centric approach could be altered [4]. It remains to be seen how these potential developments will unfold and how Discord’s loyal user base will respond.


Discord’s recent investment round, led by Takahashi Ventures, has propelled its valuation to an impressive 10 billion dollars. This unexpected development has sparked speculation about the company’s future prospects, including the possibility of a sale. While the investment round provides Discord with significant resources for growth, a potential acquisition could bring about changes that may impact its user base and overall direction. As the negotiations progress and more information becomes available, it will be interesting to see how Discord navigates these opportunities and challenges.

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