Postscript shopify sms greylock yckumparaktechcrunch

Postscript shopify sms greylock yckumparaktechcrunch

Postscript shopify sms greylock yckumparaktechcrunch marketing platform for Shopify merchants, has announced its latest funding round of $35 million led by Greylock Partners. This brings the company’s total funding to $47 million and highlights the growing importance of SMS marketing in the e-commerce industry.

Why SMS Marketing Matters

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses, with open rates as high as 98% and response rates up to 45%. By leveraging SMS, businesses can reach customers directly on their mobile devices and drive sales through personalized messaging and promotions. Postscript has emerged as a leader in this space, providing a seamless integration with Shopify that allows merchants to easily send targeted SMS campaigns to their customers. With features like automated abandoned cart reminders and personalized product recommendations, Postscript helps merchants increase conversions and build customer loyalty.

The Role of Greylock Partners

Greylock Partners, a leading venture capital firm, has a proven track record of backing successful technology companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. With their investment in Postscript, Greylock is signaling their confidence in the future of SMS marketing. And the potential for Postscript to become a dominant player in the space. In addition to the funding, Greylock partner Saam Motamedi will be joining Postscript’s board of directors. Motamedi brings a wealth of experience in scaling technology companies. And will be a valuable asset to Postscript as they continue to grow.

The Future of Postscript

With this latest funding round, Postscript is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth and expansion. The company plans to use the funds to invest in product development. And expand its team to better serve its growing customer base. As e-commerce continues to evolve, SMS marketing will become an increasingly important channel for businesses to connect with their customers. With its powerful platform and backing from Greylock Partners, Postscript poised to lead the way in this exciting new frontier.

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