James Conner or David Montgomery Week 2

James Conner or David Montgomery Week 2

When faced with the pivotal decision of choosing between James Conner and David Montgomery for your Week 2 fantasy football lineup, it’s crucial to weigh various factors to optimize your team’s performance. Both running backs have their unique strengths and circumstances, making the decision a challenging but pivotal one for fantasy enthusiasts.

Fantasy Manager

James Conner, the seasoned back for the Arizona Cardinals, enters Week 2 after a solid performance in the opening week. Known for his physicality and ability to punch in touchdowns, Conner offers a compelling option for fantasy managers. However, his usage in a multi-faceted Cardinals offense alongside Chase Edmonds might slightly diminish his workload compared to Montgomery.

Season and Aims

On the other hand, David Montgomery, the workhorse running back for the Chicago Bears, is coming off an impressive season and aims to continue his momentum in Week 2. With his role as the primary rushing option and his involvement in the passing game, Montgomery tends to have a more consistent workload compared to Conner. His versatility makes him a valuable asset in both rushing and receiving aspects of the game.

Crucial Element

Analyzing the matchups is another crucial element in making this decision. Conner faces off against a tough Minnesota Vikings defense that showed resilience against the run in Week 1. Meanwhile, Montgomery squares off against the Cincinnati Bengals, a defense that allowed significant rushing yardage in their previous game. This matchup might present a more favorable scenario for Montgomery to excel.

Higher Workload and Potentially Favorable Matchup

Fantasy football success often hinges on opportunity, and in this case, Montgomery might have a slight edge due to his higher workload and potentially favorable matchup. However, Conner’s goal-line opportunities and potential for touchdowns can’t be overlooked, especially within an explosive Cardinals offense.


Ultimately, while both Conner and Montgomery offer distinct advantages, Montgomery’s workload and favorable matchup might give him a slight edge for fantasy managers in Week 2. Nevertheless, closely monitoring injury reports, lineup updates, and game-time decisions is vital in making the most informed choice between these talented running backs.


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