48m Growth 80m Wiggersventurebeat:

In the fast-paced world of technology and venture capital, funding rounds and investments are constantly making headlines. One such recent headline that has caught the attention of industry insiders is the mention of “48m growth 80m wiggersventurebeat.” This intriguing phrase refers to a significant funding series that has garnered attention in the tech community. In this article, we will delve into the details of this series, explore its implications, and analyze its impact on the companies involved.

Understanding the Series:

The “48m growth 80m wiggersventurebeat” series refers to a funding round led by OMERS Growth, a prominent venture capital firm. The series has raised a total of $80 million, with OMERS Growth as the primary investor [1]. The recipient of this substantial investment is Celigo, a company that specializes in integration platforms for automating business processes [2]. This funding round, known as Series C, marks a significant milestone for Celigo, as it brings their total raised capital to over $80 million [2].

The Significance of OMERS Growth:

OMERS Growth’s involvement in the “48m growth 80m wiggersventurebeat” series is noteworthy. As a leading venture capital firm, OMERS Growth has a track record of investing in high-growth technology companies. Their support and financial backing have propelled many startups to success [1]. By leading this funding round, OMERS Growth has demonstrated their confidence in Celigo’s potential and their commitment to fostering innovation in the tech industry.

The Implications for Celigo:

For Celigo, the “48m growth 80m wiggersventurebeat” series represents a major milestone in their journey. The significant investment from OMERS Growth will provide Celigo with the necessary resources to further develop their integration platform and expand their market reach [2]. With the additional funding, Celigo can invest in research and development, hire top talent, and enhance their product offerings. This infusion of capital will undoubtedly accelerate Celigo’s growth trajectory and solidify their position as a leading player in the integration platform market.

The Impact on the Tech Industry:

The “48m growth 80m wiggersventurebeat” series has broader implications for the tech industry as a whole. It highlights the continued interest and confidence of venture capital firms in investing substantial amounts in promising technology startups. The influx of capital allows these companies to innovate, scale their operations, and bring their products to market faster. This, in turn, drives technological advancements and fosters competition within the industry.


The “48m growth 80m wiggersventurebeat” series led by OMERS Growth has made waves in the tech community. The significant investment in Celigo demonstrates the confidence of OMERS Growth in the company’s potential. For Celigo, this funding round represents a major milestone that will fuel their growth and expansion plans. The impact of this series extends beyond Celigo, as it highlights the continued interest of venture capital firms in supporting innovative technology startups. As the tech industry continues to evolve, funding rounds like this will play a crucial role in driving innovation and shaping the future of technology.


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